Welcome to my Sound Cooking page. Why, you might ask, is a musician putting recipes on their website? That's easy. When I eat right I feel good. My brain is clear, I can breathe better and I have more energy. All of this contributes to making me a better musician. Eating healthy is not always easy. There are so many temptations. Having a few go-to recipes on hand has been really helpful so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you. I also want to bring awareness to the role sound plays when eating.


Did you know that what we feed our ears is as important as what we feed our stomachs? As a musician I have always known that sound impacts our bodies in many ways. Music can bring up a whole host of emotions creating relaxation or tension. The sound environment when eating plays a role in how food is digested. Try this experiment.  Listen to different types of sound while you eat. Pay attention to your jaw. Do you chew faster maybe even angrily when music you don't like is playing or the news is on?  Is your stomach clenched?  What about when relaxing music is playing? Do you slow down and actually taste the food you are putting in your mouth?

These are just some thoughts on the importance of pairing healthy food with healthy sound.  More recipes will be added so check back often. Got a recipe you would like to contribute? Please contact me.

Enjoy the recipes,

Happy eating!


These recipes come from many sources {including the 2 books pictured} and most of them have been tinkered with. Some are from the internet but I don't remember where. If a recipe is yours please let me know and I will credit you.

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