When Chris plays the flute something magical happens. The sweet simple melodies surround you and you start to dissolve into the sound, letting go of stress both in the body and mind, relaxing more fully into the moment. Chris has a gift to share and that gift is her flute playing.

~Renee Trepanier,~


I started a great journey with my first flute with Chris. She sat with me as my flute squeaked, hissed and made terrible noises. Chris kept encouraging and I overcame those horrible noises. I thank you Chris  post covid.  All the sheet music you have posted on your site and the encouragement to "play from my heart" have helped me immensely to become a better player and have helped me through rough times with covid. I have both of your CD's which I find so relaxing . They bring me peace and harmony and assist in balancing my stressfull life.

I am a nurse working with newborn babies. Drawing their blood is a daily task. It is amazing to me how comforting Chris's music is to them. I have always played soothing music for them but it didn't make much of a difference until I started playing Chris's songs. These wee souls can go from kicking, screaming, arms flailing  to a serene calm lulled babe in about 10 seconds. Chris's music is the only music that does this. The worst part of my job is taking care of drug withdrawing babies. They don't kick and scream, they rage and fight.  With Chris's music they peacefully sleep for a couple of hours.

Thank you Chris! You, your talent and your songs are amazing!


A wood flute in the hands of Chris Gurniak is a match made in heaven. With sensitivity and grace, Chris invites listeners to enter a place of peace found only through her music. One does not only listen to Chris’s music; one feels it, like a gentle cloud of sound circling the room to softly settle on your soul.

Chris and I met in a yoga class five years ago and quickly developed a lasting friendship. Chris literally breathes life into her music. The all-encompassing kindness and genuine spirit I know in Chris as a person, are translated into healing sound through her flute. What a wonderful way to share a message of hope in times of uncertainty and despair.

I strongly recommend seeking out my talented friend, Chris Gurniak, wherever you download and stream your favourite music.

Thank you, Chris for sharing your talent, your skills, your heart.

~Bonnie Schepers~

Author, Like A Diamond In The Sky

Blogger, The Beehive Family History Blog



Congratulations Chris on the release of your CD. As the name infers, it is simply wonderful. The hauntingly beautiful sound of your flute brings so much peace to my day. I listen while I am cooking, driving, meditating or babysitting my grandbabies. It is truly a work of "heart". It was so lovely to hear it played during  yoga class at Blossoming Lotus. I hope that you are considering putting out another CD in the future. Thank you for your gift of music.

​~Marnie Stranks~

Chris's flute playing helps to restore a sense of calm and balance. Absolutely love it!

​~Melanie Hesketh,~

Solera Holistic Health


When I first heard you play a song on your flute at my studio, I got goosebumps and tears came to my eyes. The music you played touched a place in my heart that felt like home. I'll never forget it. I'm certain that meditation circles and yoga classes will incorporate your beautiful creations enhancing the healing journey.

​~Cindy Rivait,~

Morning Blossom Retreat


Simple Wonders is the new favorite CD in my family. We listen to it to begin our day in a peaceful way and for relaxing in the evening. I love incorporating Chris's music into my yoga classes. It brings a feeling of comfort to everyone in the room. This is our most popular gift to give to family and friends this year! Thank you Chris for sharing your beautiful talent!

​~Stacey Eason-Bondy~

Yoga~Access Bars~Reiki


Chris’s C.D. Simple Wonders  is a regular source of calming inspiration while I work in my art studio.  While I work on my pottery wheel I often use this beautiful and refreshing music to help deepen my breath and open my creativity.

Thank you Chris for the musical gift you are sharing with the world.


Trish MacDonald

~River Rock Pottery~


I just love Chris Guniak's CD Simple Wonders! It was introduced to me by a friend as she had it playing at her place of work and I became totally entranced with the melodies. I am very partial to Native Flute playing and I rank this with the best! I have a habitual meditation practice and find this is a beautiful soundtrack to listen to. My 6year old son loves to go to sleep listening to the soothing sounds of her beautiful playing as well. I am very thankful to have crossed paths with this CD and the Artist.

Thank You for Bringing Balance and Harmony to us through your Flute.

~Kim Palazzi~

~Unconscious Reality Jewellery~

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