Chris Gurniak has played many instruments throughout her life but it wasn't until she discovered the wood flute at the age of 49 that Chris truly felt at home with music. A missed turn on a Vermont vacation landed Chris in a flute maker's shop changing her musical life direction. Since that chance encounter Chris has established herself as an award winning wood flute player, composer and recording artist.

In 2019 Chris was the recipient of the People's Choice Award at One World Music Radio where her CD Home was nominated for Best Flute Album. The album and video for Home were both finalists with the Native American Style Flute Awards.

Chris's CD Simple Wonders earned her the Artist of The Year award at BizX Magazine in 2017.


When not writing and playing music Chris can be spotted biking the trails, walking her dog Moose, gardening and spending time with family.


In addition to being a musician Chris is passionate about sound as a tool for healing and transformation. Chris is a Tuning Fork Therapy practitioner and Therapeutic Touch practitioner. She combines her musical skill with her knowledge of holistic healing to create melodies that clear the mind and relax the body. By using sound to come into silence and vibration to bring the body into stillness the stress of the day  dissolves.

Chris plays her soothing melodies  at yoga studios, hospice centers, assisted living homes and even art classes. The pure gentle sounds of the wood flute quickly bring a sense of peace to all who hear it.


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